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Director, Film producer, Photographer

Thomas Pail

Film & Video

About me

My name is Thomas Pail. I work as a Director, Filmmaker and Photographer.

You want to know more about me and my work?

Here is a little concept shoot of a current fiction film project we have. The title is „HOW TO EXPLAIN THE ART SCENE IN NINE WORDS“ and for me this is and will be my first bigger fiction film project as a director with my collegue Lara Sophie Kebsak. The Idea originated by me, Lara Sophie Kebsak, Markus Raffeis, Helena Frankl, Markus Schuller und Timo Efkes.

I also realise Image Films and Corporate Films.

If you have any requests so far, just write me an E-Mail.

We are increasingly losing ourselves in numbers and goals, often forgetting about the quality we should actually be providing.“

– Thomas Pail


What I do …

Film & Video

Film Producer, Director, Editor, Writer


Fashion, Art, Image, Portfolios


Graphic- and Media-Design


about making business.

In the creative industry, quality is paramount. Delivering exceptional work that meets or exceeds client expectations is crucial for building trust and maintaining a strong reputation. Whether it’s designing a logo, producing a film, or crafting a marketing campaign, quality work sets businesses apart from their competitors.

One of the primary concerns in the creative industry is fair pay. Creatives bring unique perspectives, skills, and innovative ideas to their work, and their contributions should be valued and compensated accordingly.

Quality and serious advice take time and, as we all know, time is money after all. But that’s exactly what it’s worth.

Thomas Pail, Entrepreneur

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Feel free to get in contact with me for personal requests.

Salzburg, Vienna, New York, LA

Thomas Pail

Director, Film Producer, Photographer